Epoxy Coatings - Industrial

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Industrial-strength epoxy coatings:
The power to take on any application!

Got corroded metal? Rust spots? Leaking, spalling or concrete cracking? Performing preventative maintenance and timely repairs are essential to keeping your facility running in top condition over the long-term. Don’t wait to address your industrial repair issues!

Epoxy coatings and paint for your toughest challenge…

When it comes to protecting concrete floors, repairing industrial equipment, conducting maintenance on a wide variety of industrial applications such as pipes and tanks, and protecting corrosive environments like sewage treatment plants, our Eco-Polymer epoxy coating products offer the solution for your toughest challenge.

Our Eco-Polymer epoxy products:

  • Are formulated to offer extremely durable, lasting protection – no matter your application
  • Can be applied in extremely hot, cold, or wet environments, even underwater
  • Are environmentally safe (100% solids coating, with no solvents, no VOCs)
  • Are easy and safe to apply to concrete and metal surfaces and equipment

Our epoxy coatings feature excellent chemical, heat, impact, and wear resistance for concrete and metal surfaces

Built on the Novolac technology, our Eco-Polymer epoxy coating products are engineered to provide excellent impact and wear resistance and extreme chemical and heat resistance. These epoxies bond both mechanically and chemically to the substrate with no heat required to cure.

Thanks to the advanced Novolac technology, our Eco-Polymer coatings are multi-functional, which means their cross-link densities are so closely grouped that aggressive species (including sulfuric acid) cannot penetrate the matrix. This formulation offers excellent chemical, heat, impact, and wear resistance.

On the other hand, conventional epoxy coatings are composed of a di-functional chain, which means the bond can be penetrated. While these coatings tend to be less expensive, they simply do not provide long-term protection against corrosion, erosion, and wear.

Formulated from over 30 years of ongoing research and development, our Eco-Polymer line exceeds the industrial standard of environmentally safe products, with the power to take on any application!

Let us help you choose the right product

To view product choices, select the best category for your application. Then contact us. We’ll help you determine the specific product that meets your needs. The right product will help keep your facility in ship-shape condition over the long-term!